Antminer S19

Antminer S19

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  • S19 HYD 151.5 TH/s
  • S19 XP 141 Th/s
  • S19K PRO 115 Th/s
  • S19K PRO 120 Th/s
  • Russia
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Firmware & Software Antminer S19

The S19 line uses 3 versions of the control board:

  • 7007 - easily identified by the card reader port on the front panel
  • Beagle Bone - the card reader is located on the board, but has no output outside the case. To use SD cards, the housing of the asicle must be opened.
  • A113D - has no card reader at all.

Alas, in the latter case this firmware version cannot be used. So before you upgrade the firmware of your ashik check whether it has "the right system".

Firmware for Antminer S19, S19J, S19 PRO, S19J PRO with control boards 7007 and Beagle Bone not only allows you to overclock Antminer S19, increasing its processing power and performance, but also greatly increases its energy efficiency.

Detailed installation instructions, exact parameters of overclocking and power saving, the firmware files for the required version of S19 can be read and downloaded on our specialized web-site.