Crazy Mining company delivered more than 3000 asics
from China all over the world. Asics delivery is being performed to Russia
(Moscow), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Ukraine (Odessa), Europe and USA.

We also hasten to inform you that
we have some asics in stock in Moscow, and we can deliver it to any region with
a transport company that is comfortable to you.

How much delivery costs?

  1. Russia – from 2000 rubles apiece to Moscow. Delivery from Moscow to regions of Russia is being payed for independently, when receiving,
  2. Kazakhstan – from $60USD to Alma-Ata city, delivery to regions of Kazakhstan is being pated for independently.
  3. Ukraine – delivery from $150 USD
  4. Europe and USA – $ 150 USD

How soon will I get the equipment?

  1. Russia – 9-14 days
  2. Kazahkstan – 9-14 days
  3. Europe and USA – 4-7 days

Is there equipment in stock in Russia?

Yes, we have equipment in stock in Moscow.
Prices should be specified with manager.