Our company is rich in resources to help promote your business. We're all about technology, mobility and dynamism, so here are our top 5 sites for quick transitions and easy use.

https://crmi.one/ru - is the equivalent of our bot with quick navigation to sites and messengers where you can order equipment and delivery, and meet our trusted partners. 

crazy-mining.com/ru/ - a top site with a large range of ASICs and video cards for cryptocurrency mining. It also has a calculator where you can calculate profitability and payback. During the calculation, you see a graph with the history of the coin's value. We also have a price list with current prices, feedback from our customers, shipping terms for mining equipment and accessories, latest news and contacts. 

https://asic-firmware.com/ru/  - is a project with ASIC software development. We have implemented top rated mining pools for you with detailed instructions for registration and connection. If you have any questions, please send a support chat to our engineer. 

https://ferry-carry.com/ - China-CIS logistics hub. Here, you can choose how your cargo is cleared and delivered. We also provide comprehensive organisation and support for your business with China. Explore our full range of services and go to «Contacts».

https://t.me/crazy_mining_bot - is a chatbot in the telegram channel that includes a menu with advanced functionality. It's now your one-stop shop! 

Our company is licensed for all types of services and has quality certificates for the equipment we provide. We are always happy to make new acquaintances and cooperate. 

Our advantages:

  • We save you time in selecting and delivering equipment with a high level of expertise.

  • We are a reliable carrier and help you keep your turnover flowing with our advanced logistics.

  • We use a mobile accounting system for shops, warehouses, institutions and production facilities.

  • We insure your cargo at minimum %.

  • We have a guaranteed price that does not change over the course of the delivery period.