Mining hotel from Crazy-Mining Company, a Bitmain’s golden partner.

We have an opportunity to place asics s9 in China, on the Bitmain’s manufacturer farm

It’s raining season in China, so the elictricity cost became cheap! Bitmain
uses water power plants in summer-time.

Conditions on placement in mining hotel

We place new asics S9k, S9se, s9j14.5th
and innosilicon t2t 30th at lower prices, from 36 thousand rubles
apiece (price for each model should be specified with our manager)
Placement cost is stable at 0,31 yuan per kilowatt (in rubles at the exchange
rate of 9,7, if you pay in cryptocurrency), it will be 3 rubles. The placement
cost is valid before November, after November
it’s 4 rubles the whole year. Elictricity payment one month up-front.
The minimum placement term is 150 days, the elictricity cost shall not be
subject to variation.

After the end of placement (150 days), if so desired, we can help you sell them, or send to
you to Russia (delivery cost is approximately 2 thousand rubles per 1 asic, but
their price can change depending on demand and so on).

In case of breakdown of ASIC with post-guarantee maintenance, asic will be fixed by
staff (repair is not expensive, for example, plate’s repair is approximately 15

Asics are being turned on to your
BTC.COM pool, with everyday payments. We have already placed asics to our 15
clients, and they are all satisfied!

The minimum purchase is 20 pieces!

At the moment we are preparing the start
of several placement platforms at once. These are in Moscow, Irkutsk, USA and

Leave an application in order to find out actual conditions on placement
in our mining hotel.