ASIC Mining Calculator

Active: 4 Archive: 0 0.70-73.93$/day
Antminer S21
Active: 4 Archive: 0 10.33-16.90$/day
Antminer L7
Active: 4 Archive: 3 13.38-14.44$/day
Antminer K7
Active: 1 Archive: 1 13.26$/day
Antminer S19
Active: 6 Archive: 18 4.34-9.75$/day
Antminer KA3
Active: 1 Archive: 0 7.93$/day
Antminer E9
Active: 2 Archive: 3 4.70-7.20$/day
Whatsminer M50
Active: 1 Archive: 10 5.72-6.68$/day
AntMiner Z15
Active: 1 Archive: 3 2.92-6.14$/day
Whatsminer M30s
Active: 5 Archive: 7 5.30-5.83$/day
Whatsminer M20s
Active: 3 Archive: 1 3.44-5.62$/day
AntMiner S17
Active: 7 Archive: 0 2.65-4.03$/day
Active: 1 Archive: 0 3.82$/day
Whatsminer M21s
Active: 19 Archive: 0 1.70-3.07$/day
Innosilicon T3
Active: 5 Archive: 0 2.65-3.07$/day
Innosilicon A10
Active: 4 Archive: 0 0.00-1.41$/day
AntMiner S9
Active: 5 Archive: 0 0.72-1.06$/day
Antminer L3
Active: 5 Archive: 0 0.77-0.88$/day
Antminer D9
Active: 2 Archive: 0
AntMiner T19
Active: 0 Archive: 2 4.45-4.66$/day
Avalon A1246
Active: 0 Archive: 2 4.50$/day
Whatsminer M31s
Active: 0 Archive: 14 3.50-4.34$/day
Innosilicon A11
Active: 0 Archive: 2 2.94$/day
Avalon 1066
Active: 0 Archive: 3 2.65-2.91$/day
AntMiner S15
Active: 0 Archive: 1 1.48$/day

GPU Mining Calculator

Nvidia RTX 3080 TI
Active: 2 Archive: 8 0.34-0.72$/day
Nvidia RTX 3090
Active: 6 Archive: 3 0.65$/day
Nvidia RTX 3080
Active: 3 Archive: 2 0.58$/day
Nvidia RTX 3070
Active: 1 Archive: 2 0.43$/day
Nvidia RTX 3060 TI
Active: 4 Archive: 4 0.40-0.42$/day
Nvidia RTX 3070 TI
Active: 4 Archive: 4 0.39$/day
Nvidia RTX 3060
Active: 2 Archive: 2 0.35$/day

How to calculate mining profitability?

When using a calculator, you should pay attention to the following factors:

The data is collected daily and updated in real time due to changes in the exchange rate of stablecoins. The main currency of the calculator is Bitcoin(BTC) as the most stable in profitability, except for the cases of mining altcoins that are not traded against the alt/btc pair.

The final calculation depends on the cost of electricity. Graphs of historical profitability and payback are based on the calculation of free electricity.

The calculation of profitability for ASICs differs from the calculation for video cards (GPUs) by the ability to use several mining algorithms at once.

Active models are those where the calculator saves the mining payback history based on the Crazy Mining price.

Use the device navigation on the yield page to switch the yield table. Devices can differ not only in hashrate, but also in consumption both up and down.

Mining calculation is carried out online - errors are possible at the time of updating data via API from information providers.