Antminer S19

Antminer S19

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  • S19 HYD 151.5 TH/s
  • S19 XP 141 Th/s
  • S19K PRO 115 Th/s
  • S19K PRO 120 Th/s
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Overview Antminer S19

Antminer S19 from the famous Chinese manufacturer Bitmain were released in 2020. Model S19 has several types of hashrate: 90 TH/s, 95 TH/s, and also available Pro version S19j with the possibility of overclocking 100-110 TH/s. The ASIC is very power efficient thanks to the advanced chip tech process of 34.5±5% J/TH.

The system is protected from installing any custom programs by setting Secure Boot, as well as the lack of root rights of the user. Therefore, the company tries to protect the user from low-quality software, because their installation can lead to malfunctioning of the ASIC.

S19 works on the basis of the SHA-256 hash algorithm allowing to mine bitcoin and a lot of cryptocurrencies copying it. The device shows high profitability, given the active growth of bitcoin.

The basic configuration of the device:

- miner;

- 2 powerful coolers with protection against overheating and equipment failure;

- 3500 watt-hour power supply.

Compare Antminer S19 with its predecessors

Compared with previous Bitmain ASIC models, the flagship 19-series is up to 4.5 kg heavier, but their production capacity is 2 times higher.

Compare Antminer S19.jpg

S19 antimainers contain next-generation chips with an improved architecture. New power supplies with high conversion efficiency APW12 are used.
The ASIC Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro has a new version of the firmware, they run more dynamically and are more stable.

Are there any analogues?

For example, let's compare the S19 with a similarly priced device from a MicroBT manufacturer - Whatsminer M30S:

   Energy consumption   
  Energy efficiency         Profitability   
     Antminer S19      90 Th\s      3250 watt-hour      34,5 J\Th      $14,1
    Whatsminer M30S        90 Th\s      3344 watt-hour      38 J\Th      $13,9

According to the characteristics, the ASIC produced by MicroBT produces less power, consumes more electricity, and therefore provides a lower yield. At the same time, the price of both devices is almost the same. Let's take a closer look at the indicators that are important for work.

Antminer S19 asic.jpg

Loading time

This is the most important part, where Antminer has an unqualified advantage. Antminer reaches the target hashrate in about 4 minutes, while Whatsminer took on average about 27 minutes to fully load (data is based on an average of 5 attempts in testing).

Noise level

To compare the noise, it is enough to place the sound meter at a distance of 15 cm from the miner in the direction perpendicular to the main air flow. In such an experiment, the Whatsminer turned out to be noisier. Its average noise level was 83.0 dB, while that of the Antminer was 81.4 dB.


If we put an electronic thermometer in the air flow at a distance of 15 cm from the main ventilation opening, we see the following: the temperature of the Antminer averaged 45.9 °C, the Whatsminer has 56.4 °C. We consider the difference of 10.5 °C to be a significant difference in favor of the Antminer. Such difference may be due to lower power consumption or better cooling system of the Antminer, which generates airflow with higher speed.

Overall, we see clear differences between the two counterparts. But both machines are impressive, and we predict increased competition between these two companies in the coming years.

Payback period Antminer S19

Calculate the approximate yield of Antminer S19 will help the online calculator on our site. To each model on the left side there is a configuration of buttons: description, PROFITABILITY, reviews, reliability, review, firmware and programs. This way you can analyze each model.
Calculations are made taking into account the characteristics of the models, the current exchange rate and the difficulty of mining the cryptocurrencies available for mining on this device.
Here is an example of an analysis:

The price of Bitmain Antminer S19 ASIC starts from 47970$. At the rate of BTC = 40,444 USD and the cost of electricity 0.03 USD per kWh, the ASIC brings 14.1 USD per day and 5,152 USD. It is estimated that the payback period is about 461 days or 15-16 months.

The approximate payback and profitability of the miner above is calculated using the current, at the time of writing, BTC exchange rate and the average cost of electricity. Since these figures change daily, we suggest you to check the profitability yourself and determine the payback period of ASIC using our calculator.

4 reasons to buy the S19 Antmeiner

1.      The most profitable INVESTMENT today.

2.      Increase in PASSIVE income with a payback period of about 15 months.

3.      Ability to SCAL. Increase the capacity of your mining farm and mine bitcoins from anywhere in the world.

4.      Turn mining into a HOBBY. For some it's a dream, for you it's an endless opportunity with a special interest.

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