Whatsminer M20s

Whatsminer M20s

  • M20s 68 Th/s
  • china
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Firmware & Software Whatsminer M20s

The stock firmware for Whatsminer posted on our website is convenient because it fits to all models and versions of ASIC miner, from MicroBT, starting from M20 series. The program increases the performance of the equipment by 40%.

Please note! Overclocking of ASIC-mainer is possible only on versions with "long" superstructure power supply. Configuring equipment with a "short" PSU will cause it to fail.

Firmware for Whatsminer M20s - stock opens up the possibility of mining on different, high hashrate and downvolt modes with saving power consumption. Increasing the factory settings will allow the owner of the equipment to accelerate the processing of investments or postpone the renewal of the equipment fleet.