Avalon 1066

Avalon 1066

Firmware & Software Avalon 1066

The custom firmware for Avalon 1066 allows you to bring the ASIC-miner closer to the performance of 11-series equipment. Depending on the technical condition of the upgraded model, the owner of the miner will get a 20%-30% increase in hash rate, with a proportional increase in power consumption.

As a result of the custom firmware, A1066 will reach A1126-A1146 parameters. The update will increase the profitability of mining, allowing you to consider a more budget-friendly investment in cryptocurrency mining using the SHA-256 algorithm.


Go to the section of our website and download the current version of the custom firmware to your computer. Run the ASIC miner and enter the interface of the device through your web browser.

On the menu bar on the left, click the Upgrade option. On the right will open a page with the "Browse" file selection window. Using this option find the firmware file for Avalon 1066, insert the image in the "Browse" window and click "Upload" at the bottom.

Wait for the image to be uploaded and for the firmware to finish. The corresponding inscription will appear on the screen. The user will only have to click on the "Reboot" option on the sidebar on the left. The new settings will take effect after the computer reboots.