AntMiner T17

AntMiner T17

  • Т17 42 TH/s
  • china
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Firmware & Software AntMiner T17

Firmware for Antminer T17 / T17+ - CrMi

Custom firmware for the budget series T17 from our company Crazy Mining, provides the ASIC-owner with an opportunity to mine Bitcoin and other coins using SHA-256 algorithm with the following parameters:
  • Boost mode up to 55 TH/s for T17
  • Downvolt economy mode - 25% power consumption reduction
By installing the custom update, Antminer T17 will mine with the hash rate of the base model, which will increase profitability and ROI rate.

Besides the obvious profitability, custom Antminer T17 / T17+ - CrMi firmware will unlock additional features:
  • Overheat protection
  • Operating mode settings
  • Warnings about critical states of the miner