AntMiner T17

AntMiner T17

Characteristics AntMiner T17

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 2200
Chips 7nm
Release Date 05/06/2019
Sizes 298x178x295mm
Weight 11,5kg
Noise Level 82db
Brand BitMain

Antminer T17

Model Antminer T17 was released simultaneously with the base model ASIC-miner S17. According to a long-standing tradition, Bitmain released a budget variant of the 17-series under the "T". If you compare their characteristics, presented below, you can see the insignificant differences in the consumption of hash rate and energy efficiency, coinciding with the price difference.

Antminer T17 works with the following parameters:

  • Hashing algorithm: SHA-256
  • Chip model: BM 1397
  • Computation speed (hash rate): 42 TH/s
  • Power Consumption: 2310-2522W
  • Energy efficiency: 55 J/TH
  • Working Temperature: 5-50C
  • Overall dimensions: 486x388x265
  • Weight of the equipment: 9.75 kg
  • Noise level: 70 dB

The owner of the equipment may increase the hash rate or optimize the above mentioned parameters of Antminer T17 using the custom firmware on our website. These third-party updates are designed to unlock the full potential of 7nm processors and enable increased profitability or optimized power consumption.

Antminer T17+

The Antminer T17+ ASIC miner is concurrent with the S17+ series base model of this species. They were released in late 2019 as the latest varieties of miners with a 7nm chip.

The "+" sign was an indication of the fullest possible capabilities of the BM 1397 chip designed by the engineers. The letter "T" indicated the budget of the equipment, whose parameters, as well as the price had been lowered by 20% compared to S17+.

Antminer T17+ gives the following characteristics:

  • Hashing algorithm: SHA-256
  • Chip model: BM 1397
  • Computing speed (hash rate): 58 TH/s
  • Power consumption: 3200W
  • Energy efficiency: 40 J/TH
  • Working Temperature: 5-45C
  • Overall dimensions: 175 x 298 x 304
  • Weight of the equipment: 10 kg
  • Noise level: 75 dB

The ASIC-mainer generates the above mentioned data with the Bitmain stock firmware. We also have available the custom firmware on our website, which provides the opportunity to increase the performance of the equipment above the standard parameters of Antminer T17+. These updates are from independent developers, tested for several years and have a proven performance and security.

Antminer T17E

Bitmain traditionally applies the letter "T" in the labeling of budget models.  The Antminer T17E ASIC miner has specifications 10% lower than the S17E series, but contains the same build features. The miner was released in September 2019 with a 7nm chip and an innovative heat dissipation system with additional tube mounting.

Heat dissipation protects the chips from degradation, extending the life of the equipment. Additionally, the company has installed anti-virus protection on the "E" series. The budget-energy-efficient T17E ASIC miner gives out the following characteristics:

  • Hashing algorithm: SHA-256
  • Chip model: BM 1397
  • Computation speed (hash rate): 53 TH/s
  • Power consumption: 2915W
  • Power Efficiency: 55 J/TH
  • Working Temperature: 5-50C
  • Overall dimensions: 338x175x304
  • Weight of the equipment: 9,5 kg
  • Noise level: 75 dB

The above mentioned parameters are provided by Bitmain stock software. The custom firmware allows you to change the performance of the miner and the power consumption, above or below the given characteristics . These updates from independent developers are the best way to unlock the full potential of the 7nm chips

Our website contains the recommended custom firmware, giving you access to more hardware performance profiles. The ASIC miner owner will be able to optimize the process of investment processing or reduce electricity consumption.