Antminer L3

Antminer L3

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  • L3+ apw7 504 MH/s
  • L3++ 580 MH/s
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Characteristics Antminer L3

Algorithms Scrypt
Consumption 900
Release Date 06/18/2018
Sizes 130x187x352mm
Weight 4,4kg
Noise Level 76db
Brand BitMain
Article antminerl3

Antminer L3

Antminer L3 became the basic model of ASIC-miner series for cryptocurrency mining with Scrypt hashing algorithm. The development of the L1 and L2 series remained only in the test versions and did not go into mass production.

For the L3 model, Bitmain's development team designed the BM 1485 chip on the 16 nm process. 

The development was so successful that the processor became common to the entire series. In fact, other ASIC miners with the Scrypt algorithm can be considered a modification of L3.

Bitmain was ramping up Antminer capacity for Litecoin mining because of its falling crypto value in 2018. This was the main goal for the release of new models, the release of which ended in 2018.

 The main characteristics of Bitmain's first Scrypt-miner:

  • Working Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Hash rate: 250MH/s
  • Power consumption: 400W
  • Energy efficiency: 1J/MH
  • Overall dimensions: 325x130x187.5
  • Weight of equipment: 4.4 kg
  • Noise level: 75 dB
  • Cooling system: Air cooled

The listed performance specifications are for out of the box operation mode without any firmware.

Bitmain, as a rule, does not strive for optimal performance in the basic version of the software. Owners of the equipment should pay attention to custom firmware posted on our website.

Antminer L3 +.

The Antminer L3 + version was released by Bitmain as the complexity of Litecoin mining increased. The manufacturer used 4 standard Antminer L3 boards to complete the new equipment. 

In fact, in terms of performance relative to the previous model, L3+ turned out as a "twin miner".

The developers have managed to reduce energy efficiency, which has increased by 60% compared to the first model, with a double increase in hash rate.

 Antminer L3 + has the following characteristics:

  •  Working algorithm: Scrypt
  • Hash rate: 504MH/s
  • Power Consumption: 800W
  • Energy Efficiency: 1,6J/MH
  • Overall dimensions: 325x130x187.5
  • Weight of the equipment: 4.4 kg
  • Noise level: 75dB
  • Cooling system: Air cooled

After first batches of L3+ were released, Bitmain released firmware that enabled hash rate up to 600 MH/s. Over the years of subsequent use of the equipment, developers have created many alternative firmware variants for optimal mining of LTC and other scrypt coins. 

You can choose the most optimal variants of these programs on our site. Using the firmware not only increases miner's earnings, but also extends the life of the equipment due to the optimal settings.

Antminer L3 ++

Released in May 2018, the model L3 ++ was the last in this series. Like previous versions, the equipment uses a 16nm BM 1485 chip and judging by user reviews, similar in performance to the L3+ when using firmware. This is indicated by the characteristics of Antminer L3 ++:

  •  Working Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Hash rate: 596 MH/s
  • Power Consumption: 1050W
  • Energy Efficiency: 1.6 J/MH
  • Overall dimensions: 325x130x188
  • Weight of the equipment: 4.5 kg
  • Noise level: 75 Db
  • Cooling system: Air

When buying Antminer L3+ it is worth to keep in mind that this ashik reveals its full potential after the application of custom firmware. 

Programs can be downloaded from a special page on our website. Optimal work settings will help the user to fully justify the increased cost of miners with respect to other models of L3 series.