Innosilicon A10

Innosilicon A10

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  • A10 pro 7g, 720 MH/s
  • A10 pro 8g, 720 MH/s
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Overview Innosilicon A10

China's Innosilicon 2020 has introduced the Innosilicon A10 PRO 500 MH/S and 720 MH/S with 7g and 8g RAM. This model has the highest capacity of any Ethereum miner. The miner features 288 chips and 6GB of RAM, which supports a hashing speed of 500 Mh/s on the Ethash algorithm. Currently, this ASIC has no competitors among homebrew farms in terms of efficiency and performance.

The ASIC A10 PRO has the following parameters:

  • power consumption - 900 W;

  • performance - 500 MH/S and 720 MH/S;

  • cooling system - 2 coolers;

  • noise - up to 75 dB;

  • weight - from 8.9 to 9.3 kg.

A sophisticated cooling system ensures smooth operation with a moderate level of noise. The model is designed for mining Ethereum,

Ethereum Classic or Ether-1.


Comparing ASICs to video cards

There are three parameters that determine the efficiency of a mining device:

  • Energy consumption

  • Hash rate

  • Energy efficiency (i.e. how many watts are consumed per megashare).

The A10 PRO 500 MH/S and 720 MH/S power efficiency is around 1.8 watts per megahash. The same performance can be achieved with five RTX 3080 graphics cards from Nvidia running simultaneously. The power consumption will be more than 2.5 watts per megahesh when the auxiliary modules are taken into account.

When mining with a graphics card, a DAG file must be regularly uploaded to the device's memory, which for Ethereum exceeds 4GB in size. The Innosilicon A10 has 6GB of RAM, which allows for at least two more years of Ethereum mining.


Here is a comparison table of the differences between an ASIC and a graphics card.

Quick start-up. Simply plug in the equipment, start the software and enter the Pool parameters.                                                         You need to buy additional components and have the knowledge to connect a video card or hire a specialist.
Easy transportation. The powerful metal casing allows the Miner to be transported over long distances without worrying about its safety To transport the equipment, the components have to be disassembled and then reassembled.
Noise levels are much higher than when mining on video cards. It is advisable to place the equipment in a non-residential location or use a noise-proof box. The low noise level, compared to an ASIC, allows the farm to be housed in the home. But in terms of footprint, the finished farm takes up a lot of space.
The equipment is actively heated during operation, so additional cooling may be required. A graphics card is easier to sell than an ASIC and they don't lose much in value.
Comparatively high earnings. The payback of a particular model depends on the value of the cryptocurrency, the hash rate of the equipment and its cost, as well as the correct setup. GPUs take longer to pay for themselves, due to the higher power level of the ASIC.

It turns out that ASICs are more profitable to mine, but the video cards have a wider range of applications and are easier to sell on the secondary market.


Payback period for the Innosilicon A10 PRO 500

The online calculator on our website allows you to estimate the profitability of this model. The following operations need to be performed:

  • select the model of interest;

  • among the buttons on the left, select «Yield»;

  • choose a warehouse (China);

  • choose currency (USD);

  • electricity (0,03 USD per kWh).

The calculator gives a value for the used model (cost 217407 rubles) as follows.

ASIC provides a yield of $9.62 per day or $3511 per year when mining Ethereum. With the existing at the time of calculation (20.06.2022) dollar exchange rate and Ethereum cost, the payback period is 507 days, which corresponds to about 17 months.

Due to significant fluctuations in the Ethereum exchange rate and the ruble/dollar exchange rate, the payback period can vary significantly, so it is advisable to perform the above operation immediately prior to purchase.

The main advantages of the Innosilicon A10 PRO

The Innosilicon A10 PRO has the following advantages:

  • availability of its own power supply;

  • low energy consumption;

  • high performance and efficiency;

  • easy to start mining;

  • does not overheat during constant operation.

Watch the video overview to find answers to all your questions.

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