Innosilicon A10

Innosilicon A10

  • A10 pro 600 Mh/s
  • A10 pro 7g, 720 MH/s
  • A10 pro 8g, 720 MH/s
  • china
  • Russia
  • used
  • restored

Characteristics Innosilicon A10

Algorithms Ethash
Consumption 1300
Chips BM1485
Sizes 362x136x285mm
Weight 9,3kg
Noise Level 75db
Brand Innosilicon

ASIC miner manufacturers practically stopped releasing new models for Ethereum mining after the 2018 cryptozyme. Existing equipment had a RAM memory size of 4 GB, which was no longer enough by 2021 to load a DAG file, making it impossible to continue mining ETH on the "asics".

Innosilicon solved this problem by releasing the A10 Pro line of miners with increased memory and hash rate. In particular, the A10 Pro 7g model in question took the middle niche in the updated line of equipment.

The ASIC-mainer's RAM reserve allows it to work until about 2026. Probably, by then Ethereum will switch to the second version using PoS algorithm.

The A10 Pro under consideration runs on the Ethash algorithm, which for mining ETH and 19 other altcoins with a hash rate of 720MH / s. The power supply of the equipment is 1300W, the energy efficiency of the equipment is 1.8 J / MH.


  • Complete with its own power supply
  • Easy to configure and start mining
  • Higher performance and lower cost compared to blockchain on video cards


  • High noise level does not allow you to use the miner in a domestic room