How is the delivery of equipment for mining from China
How is the delivery of equipment for mining from China

How is the delivery of equipment for mining from China

Despite the ban on bitcoin trading a few years ago, China is still a leader in the production of cryptocurrency mining equipment. This equipment is produced by both large well-known companies and small businesses. In recent years, mining has gained widespread popularity, which is why it attracts fraudsters.

Buying mining equipment on your own can be very difficult:

  1. Search for and purchase equipment. You need to buy your mining equipment from large manufacturers. However, you have to screen out many offers from resellers and small companies. Buying from resellers will affect the price of the product. When buying from small companies you are likely to get a low-quality product. You should also carefully check the contents of purchased equipment.

  2. Storage and preparation for transport. It is necessary to find a place to store the product, develop a route, order a suitable transport, and charter the right number of containers. Mining equipment requires careful handling. You have to organise the packing and loading of the containers with the help of Chinese workers. This requires a good command of the Chinese language, knowledge of the rules and mentality of the local workers.

  3. Draw up the necessary documents. Insurance of the cargo and customs formalities are indispensable. Incomplete paperwork can lead to long delays at customs.

  4. You should arrange for an escort to meet the consignment at its destination. For large consignments security may have to be provided.

For those who are sober about their abilities and understand all the risks of buying mining equipment on their own, there is another way. One can turn to a company that has gone all this way in its time and now offers services for the purchase and delivery of the relevant equipment to the CIS countries.

Crazy Mining has been providing a quality service of ordering, checking and delivery of the Chinese mining equipment to the customer for more than two years. Ordering and shipping equipment through Crazy Mining has the following advantages:

  1. Buy directly from major manufacturers (Bitmain, Innosilicon, Avalon, Whatsminer). This ensures low prices and guarantees the quality of the products purchased. Employees are in charge of controlling all equipment. It is possible to purchase used equipment from proven miners.

  2. Organisation of storage and security of products in local warehouses. Warehouses are located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

  3. Utilisation of developed shipping logistics from the point of purchase to the customer. The delivery time from Shenzhen to Moscow is 22-35 days by road and 9-15 days by air. Consignments are dispatched on a daily basis. The cargo is shipped from Hong Kong every 3-5 days by air. Delivery time varies from 7 to 20 days. The shipment is monitored by the logistics manager at all times. Control of border crossings, customs clearance.

  4. Established procedure for processing customs documents and passing customs formalities, cargo insurance from reliable insurers.

  5. We are in constant contact with our customers, providing them with information on all the stages from the purchase of the equipment to its delivery.

Crazy Mining organises and controls the whole chain of operations from ordering to delivery. Ordering, checking and shipping equipment will cost the customer only 3% commission.