How do I use the crazy mining bot?

How do I use the crazy mining bot?


We go to the chat bot, click on «Start», and choose the language in which to switch to «YOU» with our assistant.

Next, we need to select the currency in which the yield and price of electricity will be displayed. Here we get to the main ⏮ menu with advanced functionality. Let's look at each item in more detail.

1.      💡Mining calculation

An opportunity to review and analyse the Top 3 ASICs or Top 3 GPUs is revealed. We hasten to inform you that the rating data is updated daily and is based on user data.

Want to calculate or compare the profitability and payback of a certain hardware? Click on the «calculator by model». Select or enter the electricity price in your currency of choice per 1kWh. The value of electrical energy depends on the region and the equipment. Next we select the type of device - ASIC or graphics card (GPU). A list of all current models (in stock and on order) is displayed in front of us. The last link in the chain is to select a submodel with a certain hash rate, condition (new or used) and the warehouse the device will come from.

See the result of your query. The first thing displayed in the description is the algorithm on which the device mines the cryptocurrency. First of all, the bot takes into account the rate of the coin, which is tied to this algorithm. Next, the hash rate you choose and the cost of electricity. This data combined is important in calculating the profitability and payback of your hardware. You will see these values below per day, week and month from the start of mining.

See the payback in days, energy efficiency, electricity consumption per day and % reliability.

Now you can make a firm decision - is it worth buying this device now or should you compare it with another model?


2.      Contacts

If you would like to order mining equipment, please go to tab «⏮Menu» and click on «Contact Us». We have an account for you with news and information  from the world of cryptocurrency, new equipment, our projects and here we communicate with our subscribers. Sign up and be in the know! We provide only reliable and verified by our experience information. - Here we are communicating closely, discussing availability, equipment delivery, terms, as well as sharing up-to-date crypto information and answering all your questions.

Then you choose a manager, engineer, analyst or Arif from whom you can get instant feedback and maybe even more. Check it out!


3.      Price list

To request the current price in USD or BTC, follow the link in the description for new or used Asic or video cards, click on «Price list». This section is also updated daily and contains only up-to-date information on miners in stock.


4.      Resources

Go to and take a look at all the areas we are rich in. We work to start, support and promote your business, providing a turnkey service.

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