Are you confident in the quality of new and used mining equipment?
Are you confident in the quality of new and used mining equipment?

Are you confident in the quality of new and used mining equipment?

Chinese authorities have recently imposed a ban on cryptocurrency mining within China. Chinese mining firms, trying to recoup some of their costs, are actively selling off used equipment.

Buying used equipment has certain advantages:

  • the possibility of instant purchase. No need to wait for factory order fulfilment.

  • low price. Buying such equipment will allow you to start mining cryptocurrency with less start-up capital.

  • proven performance. No manufacturing defects to be detected.

Undoubtedly, the risks of such a purchase are much higher:

  • used equipment can go bad at any time, simply by reaching the end of its useful life.

  • you can spend money and time on delivery of equipment, but it will not work. Complain to no one.

  • fraud. Due to the popularity of mining the market attracts scammers. Working in the Chinese market requires special knowledge and skills.

  • rarely do companies provide support for deals with used mining equipment because of the high risk.

Crazy Mining is the right company to help you buy used or new equipment and get your mining farm up and running in no time. The company is an expert in the field of mining and has extensive experience in the Chinese market.

When selecting used equipment, the company's expert office conducts a thorough video inspection:

  1. Visual inspection for mechanical damage and corrosion.

  2. Determination of the actual hash rate (computing power) of the board.

  3. Determining the date of manufacture and service life by the serial number on the board.

  4. Checking the coolers that are keeping the device cool.

  5. Checking the temperature of the device. The temperature should lie within the specified limits to prevent overheating.

  6. Priority is given to the performance specifications.

The same thorough checking process is applied to new equipment. They are supplied by the manufacturer in a sealed box. New equipment is fitted with factory seals, breach of which will void the warranty (3-12 months for different manufacturers). The warranty service is carried out in China. Before the shipment, the boxes are opened and the seals are checked for intactness and the new equipment is inspected as described above for used equipment. The boxes are then re-sealed.

The results of the video inspection with comments will be forwarded to the customer who will make a decision. In case of a positive decision, the company provides escort services to the CIS via Moscow.

The company can arrange additional inspection of the equipment in Moscow warehouse and send the customer pictures with serial numbers of the parts. Cleaning of used equipment from dust upon customer's request is also possible.

Our company can help with wiring and tuning of the equipment if needed. We are always in touch with our customers. We offer comprehensive technical support, recommendations on equipment repair and maintenance.

If you purchase a second-hand machine, you must be prepared for the extra cost of repairs and spare parts. The purchase of used products is considered successful if the additional start-up costs do not exceed 20% of the cost of the equipment. In rare cases of higher costs, suppliers will be charged for the goods. We will do our best to minimise your costs.