Nvidia RTX 3070
Nvidia RTX 3070

Nvidia RTX 3070

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Characteristics Nvidia RTX 3070

Algorithms Ethash, ProgPow, KawPow
Consumption 180
Chips 8nm
Release Date 10/29/2020
Brand Nvidia
Article rtx3070

While the hashrate capping policy of the 3000-series desktop graphics cards did not initially affect the 3070, Nvidia did implement a hashrate cap on the 3070 last year as well. lower hashrate, despite practically the same hardware.

However, as with other attempts to limit the use of Nvidia video cards, mining software developers and mining farm creators quickly found ways around the restrictions: the first solutions appeared just a couple of months after the implementation of hashrate blocking.

The performance of the “unlocked” Nvidia RTX 3070 is about 60 MH / s, and, remarkably, the most profitable coins to mine with it are not just another shit-coin, but Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, despite the high competition in the extraction of this currency.