Nvidia RTX 3060 TI

Nvidia RTX 3060 TI

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Characteristics Nvidia RTX 3060 TI

Algorithms Ethash
Consumption 200
Chips 8nm
Release Date 06/01/2021
Brand Nvidia
Article rtx3060ti

Galax RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

The GALAX 8GB graphics card comes with two 9cm coolers each. It comes in a practical design where heat dissipation is provided by a special carbon texture.


  • GeForce RTX 3060 Ti chipset type;

  • 256-bit memory bus4;

  • processor frequency 1665 MHz;

  • active cooling system;

  • PCI Express 4.0 connectivity;

  • DisplayPort + HDMI interface.

The graphics card supports the DirectX 12 API component. Mining capabilities are limited to 50%. The maximum performance reaches no more than 25 MH/s. The most relevant is the mining of Ethereum cryptocurrency. However, the video adapter is suitable for mining other cryptocurrencies on the Ethash algorithm.


MSI Gaming Z Trio RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card with NVIDIA Ampere and LHR microarchitecture, anti-mining protection. It operates in the 1410-1845MHz frequency range.


  • memory size/volume/type - 256 bit/8 GB/GDDR6/;

  • bandwidth up to 448 GB/sec;

  • connectors - 3 DisplayPort, HDMI;

  • 8nm process technology;

  • 4864 ALU, 152 tensor cores;

  • HD8K Ultra (7680x4320) resolution;

  • additional power supply via 2 8-pin connectors;

  • 600W power supply.

The video adapter is cooled by three air axial fans. Features RGB backlight synchronisation and graphics board element lighting. Provides gamers with the ability to connect to real-time ray tracing and artificial intelligence technologies. Demonstrates consistent performance. It has a warranty life of 3 years.


ASUS Megalodon RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

Gigabyte's model with NVIDIA chipset in a plastic case with a 3-fan cooling system and GDDR6 video memory. Equipped with dual bios switch, 3xDP+1xHDMI display connectors and 8pin power.


  • RTX - 2nd generation cores;

  • 256-bit memory bus;

  • WINDFORCE 3X coolers;

  • NVIDIA Ampere streaming multitasking processors;

  • 14000 MHz/1740 MHz memory/video processor speed;

  • 4864 stream processors;

  • 160W consumption.

The video card is virtually silent in operation. In rigs, it is connected through conventional risers. Moderate overclocking up to 29 MH/s is recommended, with an average performance increase of about 8%.

For mining purposes, the Ethash algorithm for ETH/ETC has the highest efficiency. KawPow and ProgPow algorithms are less efficient, as the hash rate drops when PL goes down, while Ethash remains stable.


Gigabyte Magic Ragle RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

A graphics card with GDDR6 video memory type can be overclocked by 7-9% to increase efficiency. Powered by NVIDIA RTX 30 chipset with 8NM process technology. Cooled down by triple fan. It heats up no higher than 93°C.

Model specs:

  • memory clock speed/capacity/interface - 14000 MHz/8 Gb/256 bit;

  • output/input interface - DisplayPort/2 HDMI;

  • two power connectors - 6pin+8pin;

  • fans - 3D APIDirectX 12+OpenGL 4.6;

  • adapted for HDCPYes, NVIDIA G-SYNC;

  • unit of measure, minimum 100000015.

The graphics card supports VR Ready graphics accelerator and up to 4 screen outputs at a bandwidth of 4 mp 48Gbps. Suitable for mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum and ETH coins.


Gigabyte Snow Eagle RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

With 8GB of memory, the graphics card generates noticeably less heat than earlier Nvidia 30-series processor-based units. Under load, the device heats up to 93°C. Recommended for mining Ethereum, its alternative Classic, cryptocurrencies Grin, Ravencoin. It has an active life of up to 5 years.


  • three-slot coolers 2 MSI TORX;

  • ProgPow, Ethash, KawPow mining algorithms;

  • GPU frequency, MHz 1665;

  • 8nm chips;

  • power consumption 190-200W;

  • power supply 650W;

  • memory type/bandwidth GDDR 6/448 Gb/s

  • memory capacity/frequency - 256bit/14000MHz.

Of particular note are the top panel illumination and support for RGB backlight synchronisation. The graphics card is available without analogue video outputs. Digital-type interfaces are required for connection.


Asus TUF RTX 3060ti 8GB

The graphics card is based on Ampere architecture with optimised multiprocessor and tensor cores. Adapted for overclocking by 6-7%. Boosts core frequency up to 100 MHz, video memory from 14 to 17 GHz.


  • NVIDIA chipsets;

  • video memory type/capacity - GDDR6/8GB;

  • HDMI 1.2+DisplayPort output interface;

  • triple fan cooling;

  • 1.755 MHz core frequency;

  • 256-bit memory interface, PCI Express 4.0x16 type;

  • 8 pin power supply.

Average power consumption of 120 W. Projected service life is up to 5 years. Can be mined on Ethash, ProgPow, KawPow for Ethereum (most often), Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Grin algorithms. Maximum hash rate up to 60 MH/s. The video card features a core heating of no more than 93°C, including under load.


MSI Ventus 2x 3060 TI 8GB


This graphics card generates less heat than older models, which have a 30-series Nvidia GPU.

The graphics chip from Nvidia, which uses Ampere architecture, can effectively mine cryptocurrencies such as: Ravencoin, Grin, Ethereum Classic. This architecture also has improved tensor cores and multiprocessors. But it is usually used to mine Ethereum. As the tests on this video adapter showed, it consumes 120 watts and demonstrates 60 MH/s.

The graphics card has 8 gigabytes of internal memory, so it will be able to mine ether efficiently for about 4-5 years. This is a good period of time to use a graphics card for cryptocurrency mining.

Due to the design features and the available 2 MSI TORX fans, the core will not get hotter than 93°C even under load.


Сolorful Ultra W OC RTX 3060ti 8GB LHR

High performance graphics card based on NVIDIA's generation 2 Ampere microarchitecture. Comes with high-speed G6 memory, tensor and enhanced RT cores. Equipped with streaming multiprocessors. Can be used for mining on the ETH algorithm at hashrate up to 25 MH/s.

Model features:

  • 8 nm process technology;

  • Video chip frequency 1410-1770 MHz;

  • 8GB/GDDR6/256-bit video memory bus size/type/split

  • bandwidth up to 448GB/sec;

  • ALU 4864;

  • additional power supply for 2 8-pin;

  • 152/80 texture/rasterization blocks;

  • connectors - HDMI, 3 DisplayPort version 1.4a;

  • connectivity, PCI-E 4.0 interface.

The video adapter is powered by a 600W power unit. It is cooled by three air-axis coolers. Designed for maximum HD Ultra 8K (7680x4320) resolution. Supports ray tracing and hardware acceleration via RT core.