Characteristics Antminer D7

Algorithms X11
Consumption 3148
Sizes 570х316х430mm
Weight 15,8kg
Noise Level 75db
Brand BitMain

Antminer D7 - assembled on a 7nm chip model for mining algorithm X11. For a long time, it was thought that this type of cryptocurrency is protected from ASIC miners, but Bitmain destroyed this myth first by releasing D3, and then the series D7, which significantly surpassed the competition.  Therefore, the manufacturer is in no hurry to release further modifications.

Specifications Antminer D7:
  • Working algorithm: X11
  • Hash rate: 1286 GH/s
  • Power Consumption: 3148 W
  • Energy Efficiency: 0.48 J/GH
  • Working Temperature: 5-40C
  • Overall dimensions: 290x196x400
  • Weight of equipment: 15.8 kg
  • Noise level: 75dB
  • Cooling system: Air

ASIC-mainer generates the listed parameters "out of the box" with the factory settings. Producer Bitmain produces reliable and quality equipment, but pays little attention to software.

The owners of Antminer D7 are able to set more optimal and profitable parameters of the miner after the custom chip firmware, which can be downloaded from our website.