DragonMint T1 х2

DragonMint T1 х2

Characteristics DragonMint T1 х2

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 3200
Chips 10nm DM8575
Sizes 125x310x340mm
Weight 4,49kg
Noise Level 76db

Halong Mining in 2018 set a goal to create an effective competitor, the most popular at that time Antminer S9 from Bitmain. The goal was achieved with the release of DragonMint T1, which used a 10nm ASIC chip. Later, Halong Mining doubled the capacity of the hardware with the release of DragonMint T1x2 with a hash rate of 32 TH/s.

The passing years have affected the price of the ASIC miner, which makes it a bargain in terms of a relatively quick payback.


  • Relatively light weight of the equipment.
  • ASIC Boost mining acceleration firmware


  • High noise level, requiring the use of production rooms for operation
  • Possible problems with service and spare parts
  • High power consumption makes the device sensitive to cost per kW