Cheetah Miner F1

Cheetah Miner F1

Characteristics Cheetah Miner F1

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 2100
Chips 10nm
Release Date 07/09/2019
Sizes 266x200x230mm
Weight 4,5kg
Noise Level 65db

The ASIC miner Miner F1 was created by Cheetah, which has been working in the artificial intelligence segment since 2015. The Chinese startup works closely with IT giant Samsung, developing its own integrated circuits for neural networks.

   The production of ASIC miners has become one of the areas of diversification of the company's activities. In 2021, Cheetah crossed the mark of 100,000 units produced.


  • In-house designed ASIC chip released by Samsung
  • Low noise level allows the equipment to operate in residential areas
  • Relatively low weight of the equipment is a plus for installation and logistics


  • The company is an unfamiliar brand
  • Customer service is in Chinese and English only