Avalon A1246

Avalon A1246

Characteristics Avalon A1246

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 3230
Release Date 12/01/2020
Sizes 325x195x292mm
Weight 9kg
Noise Level 78db
Brand Avalon

The Avalon A1246 ASIC miner was a real breakthrough for the hardware manufacturer. For the first time after lagging behind the main competitor Bitmain, Canaan managed to achieve the same hash rate as the flagship Antminer.

The Avalon A1246 was released at the end of 2020, on a modern 7nm chip, in the same form factor as version 11. Canaan engineers managed to avoid increasing the size and weight to which Antminer manufacturers had to go.

The A1246 ASIC-miner "out of the box" gives the following characteristics:

  • Working Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Cooling system: 4 fans
  • Chip process size: 16nm
  • Hash rate: 90 TH/s
  • Power Consumption: 3420W
  • Energy efficiency: 38 J/TH
  • Operating temperature range: 5-35C
  • Noise level: 75 dB
  • Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 331x195x292

Based on our experience with ASIC miners, the above listed performance figures can be improved over time with the help of custom and/or stock firmware. These firmware updates are available in a special section of our website.