Avalon 1047

Avalon 1047

Characteristics Avalon 1047

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 2380
Sizes 190x190x292mm
Weight 8kg
Noise Level 70db
Brand Avalon

Model 1047 is a more productive continuation of Canaan's 10-series of asics. The model was released at the end of 2019, in the same form factor and similar element base. The new Avalon mined on SHA-256 algorithm, but much more energy efficient than its predecessor, largely due to the optimization of 16 nm chips, air cooling technical solutions.

The Avalon 1047 produced the following characteristics "out of the box":

  • Working Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Cooling system: air cooled
  • Processor type and process technology: A3205, 16nm
  • Hash rate: 37 TH/s
  • Power consumption: 2380W
  • Energy efficiency: 62.5 J/TH
  • Operating temperature range: 5-35C
  • Noise level: 70 dB
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 190x190x292

Over the years of operation Canaan's independent designers and engineers have selected and tested more optimal settings to bring out the hardware ASIC chip capabilities more fully. They are reflected in the custom and stock firmware, which can be found in a special section of our website.

When making a decision on investing in mining or expanding the equipment on the farm, a miner should take into account the possibility of upgrading and overclocking the ASICs of older models. Perhaps, their purchase will be a more cost-effective enterprise compared to the purchase of the latest device.