AntMiner S9

AntMiner S9

Firmware & Software AntMiner S9

Firmware for Antminer S9 (i\j) 17.5 Th/s - CrMi

Custom firmware for the Antminer S9 (i\j), increases the performance of the legendary miner and energy efficiency, by tens of percent, compared to the stock software from Bitmain.

The customization of the Antminer S9 software is justified in terms of increasing the profitability of cryptocurrency mining and increasing the hash rate allows the miner to use used equipment, lowering the cost of the investment threshold.

The custom Antminer S9 (i\j) firmware offers the miner owner the ability to work in several modes:

  • 17.5 TH/s - 1500W
  • 16.1 TH/s - 1450 W
  • 15 TH/s - 1300W
  • 13.5 TH/s - 1050 W
  • 11.8 TH/s - 880 W

At the stock mode ASIC-mainer Antminer S9 "pulls" only 13.5 TH / s with the ASICBoost mode. At the same time the power consumption reaches 1380W.

Firmware Firmware Antminer S9K 1.2.2 - custom

Custom firmware Antminer S9K is designed to overclock this model ASIC-miner, working with the parameters of 14 TH/s at a consumption of 1250 W. After installing this update, the equipment gives a hash rate of 17 TH/s at a consumption of 1600 watts.

You can download the latest version of the custom firmware from our website. It is reasonable to install the firmware update for more effective mining. Increased performance will not affect the reliability and longevity of the miner, reducing the working time of investment and postponing the need to replace the equipment.

Firmware for Antminer S9duo- CrMi

Model Antminer S9duo was not produced by Bitmain. This is a custom split of two Anminer S9 miners, working under one control board and power supply unit.

Antminer S9duo requires the installation of custom firmware, in order to achieve a mining hash rate of 20.5 TH/s with a power consumption of 1530 watts. Recall that the Anminer S9, depending on the year of release and the stock firmware version, consumes from 11 to 14 TH/s at a hashrate of 1400 watts.

The assembled design gives the miner a significant increase in energy efficiency and increased profitability of mining, at a significantly lower financial cost. This will reduce the initial investment and extend the life of the equipment, lus save on the power supply.