AntMiner S15

AntMiner S15

Firmware & Software AntMiner S15

Custom firmware for Antminer S15

Bitmain ASIC-mainer manufacturer's stock firmware does not disclose the full potential of ASIC-mainer chips that can be achieved after upgrading the equipment with the custom firmware. 

Especially, Firmware Antminer S15 1.1.1, which is available for downloading in the special section of our website, allows you to bring the hashing speed and the power consumption of model S15 to the level of Antminer S17.

Firmware Antminer S15 1.1.1 offers the user mining Bitcoin:

  • At full overclocking - 34 TH/s in power consumption mode 1348 W
  • In economy "downwind" mode - 8,5 TH/s
 Firmware Antminer S15 1.1.1 allows you to mine Bitcoin:

  • With a hashrate of 26.4 TH/s at 1600W
  • With a hash rate of 13.8 TH/s at 650 W
The custom firmware allows the miner to choose several additional intermediate modes or customize the settings on their own, if they have the skills.

The reduced power consumption will be useful for users with power infrastructure issues or ASIC miner noise limitations. Working in chip overclocking mode, will shorten the ROI time.

 The installed program contains a menu of chip autotuning, where you can also monitor the technical status of each chip, indicated by the three colors of the "traffic light".