Characteristics Aixin A1

Algorithms SHA-256
Consumption 2100
Chips 10nm
Sizes 252x210x230mm
Weight 4,5kg
Noise Level 78db

Aixin A1 Pro (25 TH/s) - a perfect start for a newbie miner

The Chinese company Aixin has released the cheapest model on the market of ASIC miners for Bitcoin mining. The low cost is ensured by a rather low hash rate, but surpasses all models of a similar class in terms of energy efficiency.

Aixin relies on the fact that equipment with similar parameters is not produced by competitors, you can only find used models on the market. ASIC-miner A1 Pro, produced on reliable chips, manufactured by Samsung. Its layout is similar to the AntMiner model, which indirectly confirms the rumors about Bitmain's involvement in the creation of Aixin.

The merits of the miner:

  • Low cost
  • Easy set up


  • The company is an unfamiliar brand
  • Power supply issues