KeyStone Essential/Pro
KeyStone Essential/Pro

KeyStone Essential/Pro

Characteristics KeyStone Essential/Pro

Keystone releases two wallets that are very similar in appearance, but radically different in terms of security - Essential and Pro.

KeyStone Pro can be safely considered a premium wallet in terms of functionality and security:

Sending transactions using QR codes, without transferring data to other devices electronically. The device also has a camera for scanning QR codes.
A proprietary security element that stores the private key and ensures that the private key is never transferred outside the device. Conforms to the EAL 5+ standard.
Fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication.
A mechanism for destroying data when trying to get inside the device.

KeyStone Essential is a hard downgrade of KeyStone Pro. It only left sending transactions using QR codes and the EAL 5+ security element. What's more, KeyStone Essential is powered by 4 AAA batteries. Moreover, the manufacturer directly says that these batteries can provide stable operation only if you use your wallet only a few times a month.

At the same time, wallets differ in price by about one and a half times.