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Characteristics Ellipal Titan

The Ellipal Titan is almost the perfect wallet for the paranoid. The task of “ensure that no one else gets to your crypt” was put at the forefront when developing this wallet. For the sake of security, they even sacrificed usability (to some extent).

The only way to send a transaction with Ellipal Titan is as follows:
  1. You generate a transaction in the Ellipal Titan app on your phone. The app has nothing to do with your wallet.
  2. Using the camera on the wallet, scan the QR code from the application.
  3. Sign the transaction in the wallet.
  4. Scan the QR code from the wallet screen with the Ellipal Titan app, which starts the transaction.
Since no data is transferred between devices, there is simply nowhere for hackers to “wedge in”. But the developers went further - the wallet has a durable case (complies with the IP65 standard), and in case of any physical damage to the case, it automatically erases confidential data. So backups are a must.

The number of supported currencies reaches 14. That is, Ellipal Titan is suitable for storing almost all major cryptocurrencies on the market.