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Innosilicon is a modern mining company, which produces and distributes the exclusive equipment for mining cryptocurrency. It has lots of different models that work on the vast majority of algorithms: for example, SHA-256 (for bitcoins), Ethash (for Ethereum), Equihash (for Zcash), Scrypt (for Litecoin), X11 (for Dash) and many others.

The company works in China and Northern America and cooperates with top companies, for example, Samsung or HD.

Lately the company manufactures many exclusive new models. For instance, CryptoMaster, S11 Siamaster, Innosilicon T2T-30T, or Equihash A9 + ZMaster. These models are being widely known for their long-term work and reliability.

All the miners made by Innosilicon company are available for looking and ordering in Crazy Mining official online store.